Couples Counseling

I’m Elizabeth Clement M.S.Ed. I’ve had 40 years of experience helping couples improve communication and, when necessary, repair trust. I will help you understanding yourself and each other  better. I will teach you to articulate your feelings and needs and to listen non defensively to each other so that open discussion and problem solving can take place. I will help you avoid the frustrations, power struggles, misunderstandings, hurt and angry feelings that many couples experience when they discuss challenging issues. I will help you move from feeling hurt and misunderstood to feeling appreciated, understood and supported by each other.

I work with couples who want to build a solid foundation of healthy communication in a new relationship as well as with couples who are experiencing more active conflict or difficulties.

I work optimally with open minded couples who are interested in their emotional growth and are motivated to work on their personal and interpersonal issues.

Couples Counseling will help you to:

  • Build satisfying, healthy relationships
  • Improve trust, communication, commitment and mutual support
  • Work through conflicts in your love relationships
  • Recover from infidelity
  • Build strong premarital relationships
  • Maintain a respectful relationship after divorce